Why should you transform your garden?

As the days get longer and the good weather (hopefully) starts to come, we often find that that this time of year is when people turn their attention to the exterior presentation of their properties, both commercial and domestic.

Interior work and upkeep is still busy through this time of year, but with the threat of poor weather slightly lessened, we like to the seize the opportunity to get our outside work done.

When it comes to garden design, garden renovation or any other work of this kind, we get a mix of clients who approach us. Some have a clear vision of what they want, some have an idea but not quite sure where to start or what to make of it. Others have no idea and are happy for us to take the wheel and some have some downright crazy ideas!

These people are all relatively easy to work with, simply because they have already made the decision to transform their property, but this blog is to help people who may be on the fence on the subject.

Here are our reasons why you should transform your garden…

Garden Design: Stand out from the crowd

This point is more aimed at home owners who may be looking to sell their property.

Potential buyers will be more inclined to have a positive attitude to your interiors if they have already walked through a neat front garden. In their subconscious mind, a great garden means one less thing to worry about in terms of time and money. It also shows that you take care of your property and gives the impression that this care extends to the whole house.

Keeping up appearances

Not only will your property have a new revamped look, but you’ll take some confidence through this. Not to mention that gardening can be an extremely therapeutic activity.

Enjoy the fresh air

A great garden will encourage you and your family to spend more time outdoors and enjoying fresh air and exercise. Tending to plants and grass involves a fair bit of bending and stretching and you will feel the benefits of this on your health. Being outdoors in sunlight and fresh air increases your serotonin levels and makes you feel calm and less stressed.

Play together and stay together

Fun places to play, eat and even just sit down to enjoy the company of your family and friends are a real benefit in this day and age. Fast paced jobs and everyday stresses can cause families to forget how to interact. Playing a game of football, playing on a swing or just sitting around for meals or social time is a rare thing. The family which plays together stays together.

Enjoy your privacy

A rear garden in particular can, if treated properly, become a sanctuary for the soul and provide you with a really pleasant private space where you don’t feel under the gaze of passers by or intruded upon by neighbours. Everyone deserves a space, even a small one to which they can retreat and feel human again.

Opens up possibilities for more social events

Who doesn’t love a good social event? Especially in the summer! Having a tidy, welcoming garden opens up many possibilities for outdoor parties, play dates if you have children, barbecues and so on.

This is done by using a host of features such as patios, decking, terraced grass and seating areas, which will make best use of all of your available property space and encourage guests to enjoy and remember your parties.

Celebrate nature

Adopting a style such as a wild garden, a Japanese Zen garden or even a very geometric and structured garden can encourage you to learn more about plants, nature and the cycle of the seasons. Encouraging and creating natural habitats for small animals and birds is a great way to get children involved with learning about nature and wildlife. Use birdbaths, feeders and nest boxes to keep kids fascinated and give them a sense of how important animals are.

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Grow your own

Having some growing space in your garden is a great way of learning more about cultivating small crops and being self sufficient. You may only have a humble harvest every year but strawberries, carrots, potatoes and herbs from your own planters will taste so much better than the usual bland supermarket fodder. It also gives you a great sense of achievement and can become quite an addictive hobby once you get the green fingered itch.

Save time
Creating a low maintenance garden might take some time and money initially but once finished it will give you years of endless pleasure. If you want the benefits of some extra space outside but don’t need the hassle of mowing and trimming, use of a carefully planned array of landscaped materials and finishes will allow you to have a really eye catching and enjoyable space which takes very little time each year to maintain and utilise.

A welcome home
Finally, who wants to come home to a dull garden. Coming home from a hard days work to a tidy garden is a blessing. This makes you feel great to be home and puts you in a positive frame of mind, which will also help when leaving to go to work the next day.

If you are interested in turning your garden dreams into realities, get in touch with us and we can arrange to survey your garden and prepare ideas on how it might look.

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