Why Do We Use a Water Fed Pole?

When it comes to window cleaning work, we often get asked why we use a water fed pole, opposed to a hose or another water source.

First and foremost the ‘normal’ tap water contains many minerals that are harmful to the window by leaving spots after washing the glass with it. So when we use the water fed pole, we purify the water through the reverse osmosis filter which completely purifies the water before being fed through the pole.

Using this method to clean windows actually has a longer lasting effect, as there is no detergent used in pure water cleaning, the windows stay cleaner for much longer and also causes less damage to the window sills and glass.

The companies we find that benefit most from this cleaning system are larger houses (particularly houses with conservatories or atriums), flats, multi-storey office buildings and so on.



Why? Basically the extendable pole negates the need for ladders, which extends up to 85ft, which in turn is very health and safety friendly. Which is the reason that this system is voted the safest method for window cleaning in the UK.

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