What Makes An MKM Roof?

Let’s be honest, when it comes to a roof, most people don’t know what materials are used or even what purpose they serve.  The MKM roofing division only use the very best quality available and that is why you can trust us to complete the installation of your new or replacement roof.

Out with the old

The first part of the job when replacing the roof on your house is of course the removal of your existing roof and we always follow the same trusted and tested process.

Upon arrival, we will erect scaffolding (typically at the front and rear of your property) and ensure that all health and safety requirements are followed strictly, including putting toe boards in place to ensure that nothing can be accidentally kick off the scaffold. We will then ensure that a skip and chute is put in place and we then start the process of stripping the old tiles, battens, felt and boards (if required). all materials are safely sent down the chute and into the skip for later removal.

In with the new

Once we have stripped your roof back to the trusses, we will then work to immediately make your property wind and water tight so that you have complete peace of mind that you’re protected from the elements.

OSB Sterling Board

First, we fasten large sections of OSB Sterling Board to the trusses of your roof, adding strength and rigidity back to the structure of your house. This precision engineered structural board has no knots or voids and is specifically designed for use in humid conditions.  OSB Sterling Board is made up off thousands of strands of wood which are placed in opposing directions and then compressed and bonded with wax and synthetic resin and has superb load bearing properties.

Protective Roof Felt

We normally use a non-permeable waterproof roofing felt such as torch-on IKO or Protect felt.  Once installed on top of the OSB Sterling Board, it acts like a waterproof skin and protects your roof from any wind or water ingress.

Counter Battens and Battens

Counter battens are wooden strips that are used to allow rainwater to pass off the tiles and away from your roof. are installed vertically over pitched roofs, on top of which horizontal tiling battens are attached.  All the above are pre-treated against insect infestation and wood rotting fungi, ensuring that they will stand the test of time and we only use the best battens available, so that you have complete peace of mind.

The Tiles or Slate

This is a very personal choice, so we have a few options available to our customers at this stage.  Whether you want to use Redland tiles which generally carry a 30yr guarantee, Marley tiles which come with a 40yr guarantee as standard, or Spanish slate which will easily last 70 to 80 years, we can accommodate your needs and beautifully finish your roof to the highest standard.

You can have a look at the Marlet Eternit range of tiles and slate here: Click To Visit Marley Website or the Redland range here: Click To Visit Redland Website and see the difference for yourself.

Why Choose MKM?

MKM Property Services are property maintnenace, building and roofing contractors in Glasgow offering a wide range of roofing services to residential and commercial customers across central Scotland.  We are highly trained in all aspects of roofing and regularly carry out emergency roof repairs (including storm damage repairs), planned roofing maintenance, flat roofing, traditional roofing, and roof replacement installations in areas such as Newton Mearns, Clarkston, Giffnock, Paisley and other areas of greater Glasgow.

As well as roof repairs, roof, and roofline maintenance, we also complete the installation of replacement roofs.  Over time, your roof is exposed to the extremes of good old Scottish weather, and eventually it takes its’ toll on the different aspects of your roof, reducing its capability to withstand wind and water.  The sole purpose of your roof is to keep your protected from both wind and water ingress, so when it fails to do this, you can choose to repair te problem areas, but essentially, you should be thinking more long-term and planning to have the roof replaced (eventually).

Whilst there are many companies out there who will cut corners when it comes to the quality of the materials that they use in the construction of your new roof, we would never do this!!!  We pride ourselves on the reputation for excellence that we have gained in all aspects of work that we have completed and we see it as our responsibility to our customers to ensure that they are getting the very best quality and service for their money.

So, from small minor repairs to complete replacement roofs and new roof installations, you can be confident that we have all the necessary skills, qualifications and experience required to professionally complete all joinery, slating, tiling and leadwork.

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