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For all you domestic or commercial roofing needs.

Whether a property requires a new roof, a repair or maintenance work, we have qualified tradesmen for the job. As a professional Glasgow roofing company we can help you with domestic and commercial property roofing project. If you call us on 0141 297 1174 we will be happy to quote you for your roofing repair.

Your property often takes the brunt of bad weather with high winds, rain and storms causing tiles to be damaged or moved out of position. It’s important these damages are repaired quickly to stop leaks into the property, which can have devastating effects. We can repair your home or business premises as accredited professionals.

Regular maintenance can help extend the life term of a roof and save money on expensive repairs at a later date. Whatever support you need, you can trust MKM Property to assist you with your roofing repairs across Glasgow.

Roofing Company in Glasgow

Our Glasgow roofers can provide a variety of services for your commercial or domestic property. We can provide you with a roofing quote for any of the following services:

Re-Roofing: When a roof has been damaged beyond the point standard repairs can restore it, we may advise a new roof is required. This process means we will remove the current roof and start from scratch with new tiles. This often happens because problems go unrepaired and get increasingly worse over time.

Repairs: Damaged, disjointed or cracked tiles can be repaired a lot quicker and cheaper than the alternative if these aren’t repaired. Repairing a damaged roof as soon as possible is extremely important to stop further problems such leaks into the property.

Leadwork: The most important aspect of any roof is the leadwork, this will stop water leaking through into the property. Damaged leadwork will likely lead to leaks which can damage walls and ceilings in a property.

Roof Insulation: Having a roof fully and properly insulated can help reduce energy bills and stop draughts. We Install a foam insulation which helps keep heat in the property for longer.

We guarantee you will receive a professional service from MKM from start to finish. Our standards are set high to ensure we exceed customer expectations in every project.

Glasgow Roofing: MKM Property

All our tradesmen are fully qualified and safety certified, with years of experience building and repairing roofs.

Our first priority is to make sure the roof is safe, which is why we only use high quality materials on every job we do. Our team are highly skilled and experienced at working at heights and use the latest safety equipment to ensure health and safety standards are maintained.

If you have a roofing problem in Glasgow, speak to the experts at MKM Property Services today or complete the enquiry form below for a quotation.