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For all you domestic or commercial tiling needs.

The majority of people will find ceramic tiles in their bathroom or kitchen but home owners have begun tiling entrance hall ways, conservatories and more.

Stylist tilling can brighten up a home and they will be longer lasting then paint or wall paper. The times of tiles used will depend on their location within a property.

Types of Tiling

Ceramic: These are most commonly used when tiling a bathroom or kitchen walls, ceilings and backslashes. While ceramic is less durable than porcelain, it is cheaper making it more suitable for mass usage.
Porcelain: Can be used for all the same functions as ceramic tiles, however because to its higher durability and lower moisture content, porcelain can also be used outdoors. Commonly porcelain tiles are used in conservatory flooring.
Natural Stone: These can come in a variety of forms such as granite, slate, marble, limestone and Travertine. Each of these have their own benefits with some being better for durability such as slate on roofs, while others are better for a high quality design project.
External Tiling: Choosing the right tiles for outdoor usage is crucial because it’s vital they are durable, strong and able to withstand wear and tear. Some tiles are less suitable for dealing with a lot of rain, while others may crack in cold temperatures.

MKM Tiling Service

At MKM Property Service out tiling service is used by companies, the building industry and domestic households.

MKM Property have experienced, qualified and high quality tilers throughout the central belt of Scotland from Edinburgh to Glasgow.

We can also help find the ideal tiles based on your chosen design or usage if you require any advice.

We pride ourselves on taking care over every project we take on and aim to leave every property looking better than when we arrived.

If you would like more information about our tiling service simply fill out the contact form below with as much information as possible.