Domestic & Commercial Refurbishment - Glasgow

For all you domestic or commercial refurbishment needs.

Every business goes through changes and when they do our refurbishments service can be an essential part of the process.

Most commonly our clients who own shops, pubs or other publicly accessible businesses will require a refurbishment every 2-3 years.

Reasons For A Refurbishment

  • Expansion: The most common reason for a business refurbishment is expansion, as the company wants to increase stock or office space. As companies expand, their working environment needs to grow with them and that’s where we can help.
  • Health & Safety: It’s illegal to work in unsafe environment so it’s important all health and safety regulations are met. We usually to find restaurants, cafés and warehouses have to refurbish due to this reason.
  • Legal: Business legislation is changing on a regular basis and sometimes it requires companies to make changes to their workplace. An example would be the new energy efficiency laws which led to companies requiring a new heating system.

Process of Refurbishment

Our main aim when refurbishing any business is speed because the longer it takes, the more it will cost our clients in lost business. Safety is also crucial when carrying out any refurbishment work, both employees and the public are taken into consideration before starting any project.

While we are sometimes able to keep a business open during the refurbishment, it’s often not safe to allow public access.

We create an action plan which our client receives a copy of to explain the work being carried out and the length of time we expect it to take.

Before we finish we make sure the action plan is complete, the client is happy and it’s safe for both the public and company employees. Any technical work such as electrical or gas engineering will be carried out by qualified tradesmen.

Refurb Your Business

If your business premises requires a refurb please contact us today and we will create an action plan to show how long it will take, the cost and what will be involved.