Domestic & Commercial Pressure Washing - Glasgow

For all you domestic or commercial pressure washing needs.

Our pressure washing service has proved essential when cleaning driveways, patios, basements, paths, pavements and much more.

While traditional methods such as hot water, soap, bleach and other chemicals will successfully clean these surfaces, pressure washing comes with additional benefits.

Benefits of Pressure Washing

  • Quality: Pressure washing can help remove hard to reach dirt and stubborn stains from any surface because of its high pressure, which traditional methods usually miss. Having a clean driveway or business entrance can be extremely important when trying to increase business, selling property or giving a good first impression.
  • Safe: No chemicals are used in the process making it safer for animals, children and the environment. Clients who regularly use our pressure washing service will have less mould, dirt, oil, chemicals or other residue on their property.
  • Quick: Not only does this offer better quality and is safer but it’s also quicker than hand washing a surface or using a brush. The average property surface can be cleaned within 30 minutes. This Is because the high pressure quickly reaches areas it would take longer to get to using traditional cleaning methods.

Cleaning Process

The first step we take is to assess the surface to be cleaned is to create a plan to restore it to its former appearance. Some stains may require a solution to help remove them but we’ll explain this prior to beginning the treatment.

Once we have a plan created we will begin cleaning by removing weeds, dirt or other residue which needs to be removed by hand.

The third step will be to begin pressure washing the surface which generally takes between 30 and 60 mins.

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