Post Storm Damage Repair

Screenshot 2015-11-18 15.30.16Following bad weather, especially the type with bad wind, like we’ve experienced recently, it’s important to make sure that everything in your property is in order, and that nothing is out of place, literally!

During powerful, fast gusts of winds, a problem we often encounter is that things around your property can be knocked out of place. This can be anything from roof tiles, other parts of your roof, gutters and even trees!

Loose or fallen tiles can also lead to leaks in the house if there’s heavy rain to go along with the wind, as there’s no longer anything shielding the house from the rain.

There are different factors that come into play when it comes to property damage during bad weather. How old is the building? How big is the structure? When was the last time the roof was properly surveyed? What procedure should we take if there is damage?

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All good questions that we hope to address and answer in this blog, where we will outline how to safely check your property, and what the signs are to bad weather damage.

Do you need your roof repaired in Glasgow?

Obviously we don’t want you venturing out on to the dangerous surface that is your roof, that’s our job, because we’re qualified! If slates or tiles have fallen off the roof and are around your property, or in the gutter then these are obvious signs that your roof needs repaired.

Fallen or loose tiles isn’t the only thing that can go wrong on the roof following bad weather. Our resident roofing expert, Andy, often spots problems with lead, cement work, bedding and other factors that the untrained eye simply wouldn’t spot.

Ways that you can spot any damage is by checking your loft space. If there has been damage to the exterior at the roof, look for any leakage, water coming through or leaves that have found their way from the outside in.

If you find a substantial opening in your roof, a short term solution we would put in place is to put a tarpaulin up so that no additional damage is caused. That way we have time to assess the problem and address the damage appropriately.

This is extremely important for commercial properties as well, as you don’t want to run the risk of any stock or files etc. being damaged or even destroyed.


How to deal with fallen trees

This really depends on the severity of the damage. If a tree has fallen and damaged a nearby roof, depending on the size, we would be able to take the tree down and make the required repairs to the roof.

The same applies to weather the tree has fallen and is blocking the pedestrian walkway, or road. If the tree is too big, we would call in specialists to deal with the problem. Luckily through our experience in the industry we’ve built relationships with reliable suppliers that we can outsource services like this too.

If you experience damage to your property of any kind following a streak of bad weather, either to your own house or office, shop and so on, please feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to assist.

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