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This was a great example of something we do a lot for our clients, and that is finding the best solution for them that is not only practical, aesthetically pleasing but can also save them a lot of money.

We received a phone call from a customer who has a tear in his wall paper in what is an awkward place, on the corner of the wall next to his fireplace, so they called us to see what we could do to help.

On arrival we realized that if we were to replace the wallpaper, we would need to do a much larger section of the wall, and even then it would have been hard to guarantee that the finished product would look good. Bringing in a professional to re-do the whole wall was not only a time consuming solution, but a costly one at that.

The danger was that if we started to take away the damaged section of the wallpaper, was that it would carry on the to rest, having a knock on affect that would give any interior decorator a headache. Time was of the essence as this property was indeed up for sale, and a viewing was scheduled only a few days away.

After some brainstorming between the client and ourselves, we suggested why not make it a feature wall, which was met with a puzzled look as a feature wall is normally3 walls painted and one wallpapered, but with some out the box thinking we decided to reverse the traditional order, and go for one wall painted and the rest papered.

Obviously they were a bit skeptical at the thought of this, and how it was going to look in the end, but we had enough confidence in our ability to pull it off, and not to mention the client trusted our ability as well, and as you can see below, his trust was well placed.


We get the chance to be creative in all of our projects, and they are often straight forward, but every now and then something like this pops up and it keeps us on our toes and gives us a chance to experiment with different styles that most people may not think of at the beginning of the project.

Interior decorating is not a service we offer or an area we pretend to be experts in, but the skills we do have can be applied to many situations that have outcomes as lovely as this one.

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