Internal Painting; There’s more involved than you think.

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Although internal painting isn’t a complicated task, like most things, there is a level of skill in it as well as technique that provide the best results, and it’s also a time consuming task as well.

Because it appears to be an ‘easy’ job, we often see people who set out to take on a painting job themselves but quickly realised the difficulty involved and how long it will take, depending on the size of the area being painted.

This week we received a call with this exact situation. The customer who called said that they had started to paint, and soon realised that they didn’t have the skill or the time to finish the job.

Tips for Internal & External Paining

When it comes to something like painting, it’s important that you get a good finish. Internal paint jobs are mostly in offices or houses, and the last thing you want to see when you bring clients to your office, or friends and family to your home are patchy walls.

Some people will be happy with a less than perfect finish if it’s in a room, building or garage for example, where they won’t be spending much time. In this particular case, the room was an outbuilding, which will be used as a dojo for martial arts practice, so the customer will be spending a lot time in this room, so the perfect finish is essential to project such as this one.


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Upon arrival we were aware that they had already applied one coat of paint, and that there would be enough paint to finish the job. Whether they had been told that this would be enough or just estimated, we do not know, but what was left for us was certainly not enough to finish the room.

After collecting more paint we quickly worked through what was a straight forward job; four walls, one colour, no major complications, and once the walls dry, the gym will be ready to train in.

The point we’re trying to make is that if you are going to a job like this yourself, it’s always a good idea so you’re not spending unnecessary money on things you don’t need or spending too much time which you might not have.

You may then find it’s more beneficial to take on a professional so that your time is not taken up and you get that perfect finish.

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