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This is something we often get asked, and the answer may shock you, as your gutters don’t need cleaned as often as you’d think, but failure to neglect this task can result in some costly repairs!

An annual gutter clean will help ensure water runs freely from the roof to the drains. With a fully functional gutter, we want to ensure that the water is kept flowing away from the building.

If the gutters are left to a point where they are blocked and end up overflowing, the water can actually make it’s way inside the building, which in turn causes dampness and damage to the fascias and soffits.

If kept clean, the gutters themselves will actually need less repairs, as it’s the heavy soilage build up that causes most of the issues such as leaks and so on.


The gutters protect the internals, walls, windows, mortar, fascias and soffits. The number of issues that can arise with each of these protected areas is extensive so regular maintenance can avoid substantial repair costs from hundreds to thousands of pounds.

Any defects in the gutters are identified at an early stage and can repaired before any substantial internal damage is caused.

When was the last you check your gutter? Or had it cleaned? Give us a call and we’d be happy to come and help you, we might even throw in a free annual roof survey while we’re at it!

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