How Often Do My Windows Need Cleaned?

As household chores go, we realise that cleaning your windows is amongst the most strenuous, especially if like a lot of modern buildings ,your home or office is more window than brick, making it even more exhausting.

As for the o10409333_769748499743929_6620470698892953234_nutside of your windows, a lot of people dedicate their time only once or twice a year for this task, when really this should be done at least once or possibly twice a month! Depending on where you live/work, your windows may need to be cleaned more often, like if the building is near a busy road for example.

In general, the outside windows of residential properties should be cleaned at least once a month and if you do have a larger amount of windows and a tight budget, you may want to prioritise the ones that are most visible and leave longer intervals for the rest.

In terms of commercial properties, it really depends on the location of the building and the type of business you are in. As we said before, buildings closer to busy roads may require more regular cleaning, perhaps twice a month. Shop windows may also need to be cleaned more frequently, as you will be displaying stock in your window, therefore clarity is key

What do your windows say about you? Customers may be less likely to enter a shop or restaurant with dirty or streaky windows as this may indicate a lower level of quality, as you are not taking care of your brand’s appearance. This certainly applies to businesses such as jewellers where the ‘window shopping’ stage is very important. Again, if budget is tight, clean your front windows more regularly than those at the rear of the building.

As for the inside of windows, this is also important as there is no point cleaning only one side! Again, this will depend on the individual property. For shops and offices, your inside windows may not need to be cleaned as regularly as the outside and should be cleaned as and when they become dirty.

In residential properties, your windows should also be cleaned as and when but may be more likely to be dirtied by    people placing their hands on the glass, which is inevitable in a household with children.

10338332_769748683077244_711062764776464834_nYou would be surprised how different your home will look with clean windows,   especially if you’re looking to sell your home. Even if you are not, clean windows will bring warmth into your house and of course, are more aesthetically pleasing

These are just some of the main benefits that come with keeping a tidy shop front, office,
home and so on.

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