Grass: Real vs. Artificial – Which is Better?

Garden LawnWhen it comes to turfing or re-turfing your garden, these days we’re blessed with more options than we were a few years ago, and the two main or most popular options are real grass and artificial grass, similar to the astroturf material you’ll see on some football grounds.

Like everything there are pros and cons for both, so in this blog we’re going to look at both options with benefits and problems they both present. So let’s get started.

Let’s being with the pros of real grass. First of all there’s the benefit of the natural beauty it offers, as well as being environmentally friendly and self repairing.

We find that some people prefer to keep to keep to real grass because they struggle to overcome the ‘fake’ aspect of artificial grass, although there are many surfaces that are soft and have a ‘real’ feel to it, but nothing beats the real thing.

The biggest disadvantage of course is the maintenance as real grass requires regular watering, cutting and so on, and if not cut regularly can make your garden look quite untidy.

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Now lets cover the benefits of artificial grass…

It just so happens that the main con of real grass is the main benefit of artificial grass, maintenance. Artificial turfing requires little to no maintenance in terms of cutting, edging, weeding or trimming, and of course it looks real!

You can count on this kind of surface to look clean and tidy all year round without suffering from any wear and tear, which is ideal for family households with children or pets.

As we mentioned before, people like the feel of real grass and how it feels to walk on bare footed. Although there are softer surfaces available, the feel of real grass can’t be replaced.

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Where the artificial option suffers most is the cost, as it is very pricey to fit. Mainly because of the cost of the materials, but if there is real grass already there, this must all be removed before the new style turf can be laid down.

So there you have the pros and cons for both options, we hope this information is useful to help you make your decision. If you would like us to come and discuss these options in further detail, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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