Dead leaves – hazardous and potentially very damaging to property and people…

The autumn leaves have come late this year, indeed the temperature has been so mild that we were all still cutting our grass a few short weeks ago!  However, the sudden change in temperature and the arrival of some high winds has seen the leaves drop from the trees almost overnight.

Whilst they may produce a colourful spectacle, they do pose very definite problems for property owners.

Home owners can easily see leaves on the ground, but are you checking the gutter cleaning Glasgow?  The sudden fall of leaves, and the subsequent wet weather, will more than likely have resulted in your gutters being blocked, this can cause serious problems with your property.

Gutters are designed to remove water from your property, if they are blocked the water will find alternative routes, there in lies the problem.  It is essential to keep them clean and free of blockages otherwise they cannot fulfil their purpose.


Protect your people…

Gutters are not the only problem; leaves on the ground present problems, especially wet leaves.  Driveways and paths become slippery and create obvious hazards that can, and should, be avoided.  And, if you have commercial property, you have a duty of care towards the people you serve, so walkways and car parks etc. should always be maintained and hazard free.

If you have a problem with leaves, give us a call, we will be happy to provide a quote for their removal, and perhaps a winter clean-up around the property.

We are great believers in preventative maintenance and the removal of hazards foliage is certainly a good example of how you can prevent costly damage to your home at a later stage.

Click here to send us an enquiry and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.  Alternatively, call us on 0141 297 1174 and we can arrange an inspection visit.

You can also read more about our gutter cleaning services here.

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