When people want to make the most of their Glasgow garden, but sometimes they’re not blessed with space.

Now for us this isn’t an issue, as we know the possibilities that a small garden space presents but many people often have the ‘why bother’ mentality. ‘Why should we spend time and money on such a small space?’

The size seems like a limiting factor and an overly decorative or heavily planted garden can be time consuming to maintain and tidy once the winter weather has done its worst.

As an example for this blog in particular, let’s take a look at a style that many take inspiration from, which is Japanese gardens.

Perhaps a scary thought for some but this need not be the case. Oriental gardens and in particular Japanese gardens are all about the aesthetic beauty and serene, tranquil appearance of the space.

We are well placed to survey your garden and prepare ideas which will transform your outdoor space into a valuable asset and a great encouragement to be outside enjoying nature whenever possible.

There are a variety of ways that your own space can be not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional as well.

We have seen high screen many times used in garden that not only look nice, but border off neighbouring property, but also provide an element of privacy as well as sound proof the area.

There are hundreds of variations where different features can express different feelings to those who will have the pleasure experiencing the finished product.

CHECK OUT Mark & Louise’s amazing garden transformation here.

Using fine grassed areas, fine gravel beds, soft flowing flowing curves in boundaries between areas to break the illusion of the garden being a small space.

Using large blocks of granite, stone and other strategically placed rock features with finely raked stone beds, featuring grasses an shrubs, taking the onlooker to a much happier place.

Some people prefer to stick to their roots, which is fine. We encourage customer to mix traditional Scottish plants with Japanese shrub leaves, a combination which surprisingly compliments one another extremely well.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to include the right balance of water and stone to get the truly traditional and tranquil environment just right.

We can show you how to transform even the most modest of gardens into a perfect place which requires little maintenance and provides pleasure and enjoyment for years after your work has been completed.

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